Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking for my ideal Android music player

I'm still looking for my (not necessarily "the") ideal Android player. It should be able to

  • change tempo,
  • shift pitch,
  • change tempo and pitch while an mp3 is playing, and
  • either
    • have a thumb scroll or
    • come up as an option when an mp3 is selected from a file manager

I need the thumb scroll because I have a folder with 1400+ fiddle tunes. My file manager has a thumb scroll, so it doesn't have to be built into the music player.

I've come across:

  • Audioshift, which doesn't work with Android 4.0+
  • Audio Speed Changer Pro, which has no thumb scroll and does not appear as an option when I select a music file from my file manager
  • Maple, which doesn't allow pitch or tempo to change while a music file is playing.

The search continues!

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